Awakening Soil Curiosity
to Catalyse Soil Literacy

CURIOSOIL (Awakening Soil Curiosity to Catalyse Soil Literacy) is a four-year, EU co-funded project focused on enhancing soil education. Led by Universidade de Aveiro, the project addresses the critical need for a better understanding of soil amid increasing human pressures on this essential resource. Using hands-on Soil Experiences, CURIOSOIL aims to deepen public comprehension of soil dynamics, establishing a connection between individuals and soil.

By collaboratively developing educational products, curriculum standards, and teacher training programs, CURIOSOIL increases the appreciation of soil value and aligns with the EU Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe.” This initiative cultivates soil literacy, engages citizens, and promotes sustainable soil practices. The project aims to integrate soil health into EU school curricula by 2030, fostering awareness, knowledge, and behavioural changes for a resilient and climate-smart future.

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